Sandrine Ferraro, writer-producer and actress (Léa)

4I0A1972 (2)

Abraham Heisler, director and DP


Abraham Heisler is an award winning filmmaker whose work has developed an international following. He has directed several short film projects with progressive thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Alice Walker, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Noam Chomsky & Paul Hawken. Abraham currently teaches directing at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.



Elisa Lombardi, unit production manager and actress (Lucrecia)


  Marco Brinzi, actor (Luca)






Matías Enoch Endrech, actor (Lalo)



Giuseppe Mazzurco, set designer and location manager

Gianantonio Corongiu, sound recorder

Daniela Antonacci, set photographer









All pics on this page were taken at la Casa di Pietra by © Abraham Heisler, except Elisa and Abe’s portrait, and the last picture above, taken by © Daniela Antonacci